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Language exchange event (Meetup event)


Now that the number of exchanges with foreigners has decreased due to the influence of the new coronavirus, language exchange was launched in June with the aim of providing a place for exchanges between people who want to learn English and people who want to learn Japanese. It's a meeting event ♪

I hope that it will be a meeting place for people who want to make and interact with overseas friends, and also an opportunity to learn about the cultures of other countries.

Online events will be the main event so that people staying outside Japan can also participate, but we plan to hold face-to-face events while considering the situation of Corona.

Overview of the event
Event overview

Exchange languages between foreigners who want to learn Japanese and Japanese who want to learn English at zoom​

Discuss 1-2 topics in advance in English and Japanese for 20 minutes each. A place to share each experience and thoughts with Frank instead of a hard discussion like a discussion (What is the most recommended dish in your country? What was the most beautiful place so far? Etc.)​

Ask them to share what they said in the group


Normal: 1980 yen per month ⇒ Campaign price: 980 yen per month (by application by June 30 )

Lesson Schedule

Sunday (Monday) 20︓00-21︓00
Wednesday (Wednesday) 10︓00-11︓00
Friday 20︓00-21︓00
Sunday (Satuaday) 14︓00 ~ 15︓00

About support staff

We will assign support staff who are familiar with both Japanese and English so that people who are not confident in Japanese and English can participate.

If you don't know how to tell when exchanging languages, or if you have a conversation that has stopped, please feel free to contact us.

For enrollment and other questions, please contact us.

Please contact us using the inquiry form below.


~ Trial lesson in progress ~

Now you can take one free trial lesson ♪

* Only once per person. Advance reservation required.

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