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We are able to interact with people regardless of age or nationality.

We will contribute to the creation of a society where we can understand each other and help each other.

With internationalization, it has been proven for many years that it is difficult to create a foundation for foreign language communication skills only by school education. The English communication skills of Japanese people are very different from those of other countries. By engaging in activities to enjoy international exchange, listen to live English, and increase opportunities to speak, we would like to increase interest in foreign languages and at the same time increase the number of places to develop communication skills with people of different nationalities and generations. ..

地域交流 世代交流

​In addition, in order to let people around the world know about Japanese culture, we regularly hold cultural exchange meetings where you can experience Japanese culture such as Japanese language lessons, calligraphy and tea ceremony. By gathering people of various ages and nationalities to learn and experience Japanese culture and cultures of other countries together, we will work to understand each other's cultures and countries, cross national borders, and realize a society where we can help each other. I am.

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