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English online teacher needed!


Spira is a new exchange-based language lesson platform
with international exchange as its main focus,
aiming to realize a society where people can help each other across borders.

Currently, we only offer language exchange lessons,
but we plan to launch a full-fledged membership site in the near future
and launch a platform that allows participation
in both input-type lessons and output-type lessons on the website.

We are currently offering the service for free as a trial period
to improve the quality of the service.

A part of the proceeds will be used for educational support for children
in orphanages and other support activities.


As a token of our appreciation to the volunteer staff
who share our philosophy and work with us,
we are considering offering free use of Spira even after the free period.



Volunteer staff currently needed


[Support staff at language exchange lessons]


Role of support staff


(During the lesson)

Communication support in beginner rooms


- When learners seem to stop talking to each other, ask questions or talk to each other,
   and act as a bridge between learners.

- Support learners to communicate smoothly by rephrasing in easy English or Japanese.

(After the lesson)

- Share how the lesson went and what was on your mind.


We are looking for staffs who:

  • Like teaching

  • Like communicating with people

  • Cheerful and energetic

  • Have intermediate level or higher English and Japanese proficiencies(intermediate level means you can understand what people who are fluent in English are saying and can have some logical conversations)

  • Able to join our lesson at least twicw a month as a staff


Nice to have:

  • Experience you have taught English or Japanese as a teacher(No qualifications required)


We need your helps so that everyone at any level can easily

and enjoyably participate in our lessons.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.









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