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Online English lessons

​Learn live english

Online Teacher

Due to changes in the situation caused by the new coronavirus, we have decided to hold online English conversation lessons.

You can take small or one-on-one lessons with experienced teachers. From elementary school students to junior high and high school students and adults, we will carry out lessons that suit each purpose.

You can learn practical English while experiencing the raw English of native speakers. We offer fun and live English lessons..

What is the feature of our lesson?
Lesson features

From elementary school students, junior high and high school students to adults
You can take lessons that suit your purpose

Experienced teachers will effectively support your learning

Low-priced lessons that can only be done by an NPO corporation



  Small group lesson (2: 1)

  60 minutes Twice a month 4000 yen / 4 times a month 8000 yen

  One-on-one lesson (1: 1)

  30 minutes twice a month 4000 yen / 4 times a month 8000 yen


* If you want to add a lesson, you can add it for 2,000 yen per lesson.

About the instructor

A foreign instructor will be in charge.


About lesson schedule

About lesson time and day of the week It is possible to consult about the time and day of the week according to the schedule of the instructor.

For enrollment and other questions, please contact us.

Please contact us using the inquiry form below.

~ Trial lesson in progress ~

Now you can take a trial lesson for 1500 yen each time ♪

* Only once per person. Advance reservation required.

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