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Sat, Dec 14


Shakujii Park Inhabitant Exchange Center

Calligraphy Workshop

The professional calligraphy artist will teach how to use brush. (You can also draw favorite pictures using color drawing materials if you want. Some participants draw the picture of Anime characters!) Come join us, even for those who've never tried calligraphy! This is a workshop where foreigners also participate ♪ Enjoy interacting with foreigners ♪

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Calligraphy Workshop
Calligraphy Workshop


Dec 14, 2019, 1:30 PM – 3:30 PM

Shakujii Park Inhabitant Exchange Center, Japan, 2-14-1 Shakujiimachi, Nerima-ku, Tokyo 177-0041


Calligraphy Experience Workshop in Tokyo

  This is a calligraphy workshop in which foreigners also participate ♪ Why don't you write your aspirations and favorite words for next year on Shikishi and make a wonderful penmanship work? A professional calligraphy instructor will teach you how to write ♪ Color paint is also available, so you can draw seasonal things and your favorite pictures ♪ Let's make an original piece ♪ After the workshop, others I have time to interact with the participants. We will prepare drinks and sweets. Please speak a lot using English or a foreign language ♪

  Please see the event flyer here ♪


Write characters with traditional ink and a brush on Japanese paper. Learn how to use calligraphy brushes, choose your favorite kanji (Chinese character) and actually write it with ink and the brush. A Japanese calligraphy artist will teach you how to use a brush that is most suitable for you. The history and the meaning of the chosen kanji will be explained so you can enjoy calligraphy even more.   You can draw any pictures you like also paste pictures on the paper, for example anime characters and seasonal staffs if you want. Color drawing tools are prepared. After the workshop, you can enjoy talking with the other participants. There are some drinks and snacks ..   


You can also check the detail from this link.


  • Participate without bringing anything
  • Duration: 120 minutes
  • Practice by choosing your favorite kanji 
  • The history and background of your chosen kanji will be explained
  • The lecturer is a Japanese calligraphy artist who mastered both traditional Chinese calligraphy and contemporary / practical Japanese calligraphy
  • Draw pictures you like on the paper. Also you can paste pictures. Please bring materials if you have any pictures you want to paste.
  • Enjoy talking with the other participants after the work shop.  


Arrival → Calligraphy experience → Talking time (drinks and snacks) → End 


Here, while receiving direct guidance from a professional lecturer, you can experience writing your favorite kanji character chosen by yourself using Japanese traditional ink and a brush. You will be taught by a Japanese calligraphy artist who mastered both traditional Chinese calligraphy and contemporary / practical Japanese calligraphy. You can learn authentic calligraphy by using brushes that anyone can use. At the beginning at the lesson, in addition to learning to use a brush, you can learn the meaning and history of your chosen kanji. When you know the background of a kanji character well, a deeper level of understanding will be born and it will turn into a work that is special for you. Under the guidance of a lecturer you will repeat practicing the character many times and when it takes shape, it's time to use the brush daringly. All the tools and materials necessary for the experience are prepared so you can come freely without bringing anything. Even for those who've never tried calligraphy, please come and visit us. With this calligraphy experience, won't you brush up your senses?  


  • Time: 120 min.
  • Meeting point: Shakujii Park Civilian exchange center  2nd floor Japanese room
  • Access: Access: 

1 min from North exit of Shaykujii koen sta. (Seibu ikebukuro line),139.6046596,17z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x6018ee9da571c7bd:0x287f532c8f382472!8m2!3d35.7442683! 4d139.6076529? hl = en  Leave Shakujiimashi station (G18) from north exit and go straight.  You will see the entrance of Civilian exchange center

Going inside, and there is the elevator and stairs, so please go up to 2nd floor. 

There are book store and family mart etc on the 1st floor of the building. 

  • Language support: Japanese, English menu and English-speaking staff available
  • Included: Calligraphy experience 


  • Reservation Ticket

    Please pay the participation fee at the reception on that day:)

    Sale ended




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