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English Square KIDS WITH

We run an English class for elementary school students.

We offer hands-on English lessons where you can enjoy singing songs, playing games, and learning through various workshops using English.

Feeling "fun" to English

Activities that motivate students to learn,

We provide opportunities to "experience raw English" through conversations with foreigners.

Place of activity

Multipurpose room on the 3rd floor of Coconeri, Nerima-ku

(1-17-1 Nerima, Nerima-ku, Tokyo)

* Building directly connected to Nerima Station Approximately 1 minute on foot from Nerima Station

Lesson time

Twice a month 1st and 3rd Tuesday

(Excluding weekends and holidays and year-end and New Year holidays)

17: 00-18: 00


Admission fee 5,000 yen Annual membership fee 5,000 yen

Basic fee 5,000 yen / 5 lessons

* For enrollment and other questions, please contact us.

Please contact us using the inquiry form below.

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