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Acquire practical Japanese language skills

through interaction with native Japanese people

Features of Spila's language Exchange

Everyone Free to attend!

Everyone FREE to attend!
This is a free language exchange event organized by NPO Lightship. It is held for the purpose of international exchange and multiculturalism, as a place where people from all over the world can connect, share each other's culture, and learn each other's language.

​Beginners are also welcome♪

If you are a beginner and would like support, a bilingual supporter will be assigned to your group to help you communicate with others.
This is a place where people teach each other expressions that are actually used in daily life. If there is an expression you didn't catch in a conversation, or if you don't know what to say, feel free to ask.

Talking with ordinary Japanese people
who are not teachers

Participants are ordinary Japanese who like foreign countries and cultures and are studying English. You will be able to experience and interact with people of various backgrounds and ages in Japanese, which is not possible in Japanese lessons.

Fun Cross-Cultural Exchanges

During the conversation, we will share the culture and customs of each country. It will be an opportunity to learn about the culture of various countries and make new discoveries. Many Japanese who are interested in foreign cultures will participate, so please share your own country's culture and ideas♪

Small groups
by language level

Participants are divided into groups of 2-4 people according to their language level, so they can learn together more effectively and more closely in a small group.

​Interesting Topics
decided beforehand

Topics are decided in advance so that you can prepare what you will talk about. The topic will be different each time.
We will collect a survey from the participants on topics they would like to talk about, and prepare topics that are fun and interesting to talk about
at any time.

2 types of Language Exchange


Talk in a group of
2~4 people

We will talk in groups of 2 to 4 people, depending on the number of participants and their language level. For beginners who request support, a supporter will be available to assist with group communication. There will be 20 minutes each for English speaking time and Japanese speaking time, and there will be no group changes during the class.
This is recommended for those who want to interact in a group.


Talk one on one

The participants will be divided into groups of two and talk 1:1, with three 15-minute sections each, changing pairs after each section. As much as possible, we try to pair Japanese learners with English learners, but there is a possibility that the Japanese learners will be paired with other Japanese learners or English learners with other English learners in some sections. If it happens, that section will be a time to talk in only the learning language.


Having trouble speaking Japanese?

Come and join us!







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